Signature Treatments

Our bath butlers transform your room into a sensory haven of soft candlelight and soothing spa music. Your bath is drawn and infused with our bespoke aromatherapy blends, accompanied by herbal tea infusions or champagne.

Calming Ritual 
At InterContinental Fiji, a warm bath is the perfect relaxation remedy after a long flight or a hard day on the golf course. This ritual feature blended essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang frankincense and cedarwood. The key properties of the oils are absorbed into the skin during bathing, and as the scented steam gently evaporates into the atmosphere, the mind is calmed and balanced. Served with chamomile tea to assist with sleeping. FJ$60

Queen Cleopatra Ritual 
The legendary tale of Queen Cleopatra – of baths of milk and honey. This combination is still considered one of the best bathing treatments for the skin; our Queen Cleopatra ritual is rich in protein and vitamins with healing benefits designed to improve your overall complexion, leaving the skin pure and soft. Your bathing ritual is a blend of locally harvested coconut oil and fresh coconut milk infused with vanilla and pure honey. Served with our traditional Chai tea. FJ$70

Essence of Love
Surprise your partner with the scent of flowers, mineral salts and ylang-ylang; - the essential oil often referred to as the “essence of love” This bathing ritual is a great way to enhance your first night's stay. Includes fresh island fruits and a half bottle of French Champagne. FJ$120

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