Please take the time to read the below information prior to travel.

Travellers coming from a Fiji Travel Partner country do not require any prior approval before entering Fiji.

Please see Partner List Fiji Travel - Ministry of Commerce Trade Tourism and Transport (

The following conditions apply, where a negative RT-PCR test and proof of vaccination will be verified by the airline:


All guests must have the following prior to arriving onto the Resort:

Have proof of full vaccination for all travellers 16 years and older.

Travel Insurance that has COVID-19 coverage (international travellers only)

Have pre-booked online an in country post arrival RAT


In the interest of maintaining Covid Safe practices, Resort colleagues, including Housekeeping, Mini Bar or Room Service will not enter your room until you have received a Negative Post Fiji Arrival RAT. Any additional items or services you may require before this time including Room Service can be delivered and handed over to you at your guest room door as needed

A Fridge is provided in your room and should you require any items off the mini bar menu, please call Room Service and it will be charged and delivered to your room door.

During your stay at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa and while in Fiji we recommend you use careFiji Certified (CFC) approved transport, excursions, tours and operators.  As the Natadola beach in front of the resort is a public beach, we strongly advise for your health and safety, you only use tours, massages, activities and excursions booked at the Resort or through the Rosie’s Tour Desk or Concierge.  

Used Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be discarded in the designated collection bins across the resort. Please do not discard PPE in general rubbish.

At any time, all National Public Health measures applied by the Fijian Government, including face masks and social distancing, will apply on and off the resort.

Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) is a WHO-approved standard of best-practice health and safety measures. These industry wide standards apply to accommodation, activity operators and transfers and include the appointment of Wellness Ambassadors to ensure that COVID-19 safe protocols are managed, monitored and staff trained across their business.  All CFC Businesses are 100% vaccinated


All Guests 12 years and over including Visitors, Fiji Citizens, Residents and Work Permit Holders, arriving from international destinations will be required to take an approved Rapid Antigen Test (RAT),within 72 hours of arrival into Fiji.  Housekeeping, room service and all other room entry services can be arranged following a negative RAT test.

All travellers 12 years and over must be tested.

If travellers previously tested positive within 30 days of travel to Fiji, a Fit to Fly certificate from a medical practitioner must be provided & in this case the Fiji in-country testing is not required. The Resort would require a copy of the certificate for our records.

Refusing to take a RAT to prove a negative result is deemed a breach of the COVID Safe Protocols and Public Health Act and is a finable offence $10,000 or imprisonment.

The Resort is mandated under Covid-19 Safe Protocols and Public Health Act to report any Guest that has not taken or will not take a RAT or checks out and leaves the Resort before a RAT is taken, to the Ministry of Health & Medical Services.

The Resort has partnered with Zens Medical to facilitate on the resort all Covid-19 immigration and travel test requirements. The Testing Hub is located in Watercourt 6 close to Sanasana Restaurant and operates 8:00am to 4:30pm daily.  

All tests will be performed by qualified Zens Medical professionals or certified health professionals affiliated with the resort.  

On arrival you will be asked about your arrival and departure from Fiji in order to assist with identifying your testing date requirements. It is essential you attend the Testing Hub in Watercourt 6 on the booked or prescribed day(s) between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

The Testing Hub phone extension is EXT 3412 for testing enquires or EXT 3411 for Isolation support

Each Guest must take the following to the Testing Hub on the testing day:

- A completed Zens Medical Consent Form

- Passport used to enter Fiji containing the immigration entry stamp

- Please wear a mask at all times while inside the testing area/room

Guests cannot perform Arrival or Departure RAT’s themselves. Zens will only test and validate using their own test kits.

While online pre-booked tests are paid for at the time of booking prior to arriving in Fiji, all other Covid-19 Tests will be charged to your room at the time of testing. Charges are as follows:

Arrival/Departure Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) is FJ$51 pp – Departure Report provided

RT-PCR is FJ$233 pp – Results back 48 hrs – 72 hrs

Individual Tested RT-PCR Covid-19 is FJ$300 pp

Urgent RT-PCR or US & Australian RAT is FJ$503 pp – Results back 24 hours – 48 hours

NB: Individually Tested RT-PCR tests and/or Urgent RT-PCR test may be required following a Positive RAT and/or as an identified primary contact and/or when in isolation or quarantine.

Once the RAT is performed it takes 15 minutes to obtain a result. Those awaiting Arrival Tests Results should return to their room for 30 minutes. Those awaiting Departure RAT’s results can wait or collect the results from the Testing Hub later during operating hours. All test results will be shared with the Resort and Border Health Protection Unit and MOH.

If a negative test result is received, guest will not be contacted & after 30 minutes guest can confirm their preferred time with Housekeeping for their Day 3 room clean by calling the Instant Service Center on Extension 0 and are free to explore Fiji’s, avoiding any low vaccinated zones. It is recommended to use certified CFC operators at all times.

If a positive test result is received:

- You will be contacted in your room by the Testing Hub and asked to stay in your room.

- Each guest who receives a positive RAT can request a RT-PCR to confirm the RAT result or can go into Isolation based on the RAT result only. RT-PCR charges are above.

- Check with your Insurance Company before entering isolating following a positive RAT. Due to a small chance of RAT False Positives, some insurance companies require the confirmation of a RT-PCR test following a positive RAT to support any insurance claims.

- Arrangements will be made to conduct the RT-PCR test at your room door. They will advise you of the process in advance and attend your room in full PPE and will not enter your room.  

- RAT POS Guests will be required to isolate in their room or move to an approved isolation room (depending on advice from MOH). PCR Results can take up to 24hrs and all meals during this time must be order through Room Service per usual timings & charges & will be delivered to your room & placed on a tray outside the room door. Isolation menu, timings & charges apply only upon entering the dedicated Isolation Rooms/Area.

- Isolation requires 7 full days of isolation & exit isolation on the morning of day 8.

- Families or couples may opt to stay together in their room and isolate or be separated if the partner or family members received a negative RAT however, it is recommended that negative and positive family members separate into separate rooms when possible. Negative tested family members / close contacts are not required to isolate however they must wear a N95 mask through the resort thereafter & continue to monitor themselves.

- If the positive guest is a child (under 18 yrs) at least one adult must stay in isolation with the child.

- Guests that stay in isolation during the above time with a guest that received a positive RAT and/or RT-PCR may later themselves be required to conduct a RAT or RT-PCR test and if positive, isolate for 7 days.  

- Should a positive RAT or RT-PCR result occur, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) will be advised and will confirm with the issuance of an Isolation of Quarantine Notice which will highlight if you are required to remain in isolation for a full 7 days and if you are to remain in your room or move to a dedicated isolation room on or off the Resort. Exit from Isolation happens on the morning of day 8.

- Close or Primary contacts of covid-19 cases are no longer required to serve a quarantine period and can co-share a room or stay separately in another room as the confirmed positive guest and during this time can access all areas of the Resort or Fiji Safe Travel Areas however MUST wear a N95 face mask at all times thereafter and monitor their welling.

- Strict isolation protocols are followed at the resort, required to ensure MHMS can confirm to your country of origin that you have served a prescribed isolation period that will enable you to receive their Fit to Fly document or Recovery Document (USA) to get back home. These documents are issued by the Boarder Health Protection Team or MOH Doctor either at the Resort or at the airport prior to departure. Guests may not be allowed to re-enter their country without this so it’s important to follow all guidelines from the Resort & MOH.

- Dedicated isolation rooms have been assigned and approved by MHMS at the Resort and may likely not be the room type you originally booked at the Resort.

- Isolation and Quarantine guest must stay in the dedicated isolation rooms, staying inside the room at all times to ensure the safety of other guests, colleagues and our community. Isolation and Quarantine guest do not have separate accommodation areas, so both negative close contacts & confirmed positive travellers can be accommodated within the dedicate Isolation areas of the resort.

- Should a mandated isolation period be required rates have been set with Fiji Tourism per below from 01st of April:

Standard Room - FJ$650 for 2 adults

One Bed Suite - FJ$850 for 2 adults

One Bed Suite Plunge Pool - FJ$1050 for 2 adults

Additional person/child charges are FJ$100 per additional person/child

- The above rate includes Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner from the Isolation Meal Plan ONLY. To help assist with our Covid-19 Safe service, items CANNOT be ordered off any other menus and the below delivery times are strictly followed.

- Guest will be called each day around midday to take a pre-order for the following day.

- Meals are delivered to the room from the following times:

         Breakfast from 8:15am

        Lunch from 11:45am

        Dinner from 6pm

- Meals will be delivered in disposable packaging and left on a tray outside the room.

- All rubbish including meal packaging must be placed inside the plastic bags provided in the room & left outside for collection.

- We have provided a drying rack, laundry detergent and a plastic bowl for laundry to be done inside your room. Laundry cannot be done by the resort during this time.

- It is highly recommended that your travel insurer be contact immediately should a mandatory isolation be required.

- During a mandated isolation period you are required to stay in the assigned room and all meals and any reasonable items will be delivered to the room however no items can leave or be removed from the room until 48 hours after your departure from the isolation room. During this time there is no allocated time out of the room for exercise.

- Government Health and Covid-19 Safe Guidelines will apply and determine any further testing and isolation requirements and could change depending on the National or local situation.  

- Any and all charges for additional medical services, RAT and/or RT-PCR tests including isolation accommodation and incidentals following the initial positive RAT test will be charged to your room & settled at check out or move back onto resort rooms.

- The Resort will not consider direct payments from Insurance companies. Guest must settle all charges before leaving & seek reimbursement themselves from their insurance companies.


If you have received a Positive RT-PCR or RAT during your stay in Fiji & complete a full 7 days Isolation, you will need the following documents to board your flight:

- Positive RAT or  RT-PCR Test – Issued by an authorised medical practitioner

- Compulsory Isolation / Quarantine Notice – issued by the MOH

- Discharge from Facility Based Isolation – issued by the MOH

- Complete a FULL 7 days Isolation / Quarantine (depart on morning of 8th day)

- Fit To Fly Certificate – issued by MOH Doctor

Fit to Fly requests must be sent to along with each person’s Passport Bio Data, 1st PCR positive result transcript & departure flight details. You DO NOT require a Departure RAT or PCR test to exit Fiji if you have ALL the above documents for each person that were positive & completed the required isolation period.

In addition to proof of vaccination many countries may require proof of a negative Covid-19 test however this is changing & must be checked before your departure. See below some helpful web links.

It is your responsibility to understand your specific re-entry requirements:

Australia -

Australian High Commission Suva +679 338 2211 or Emergency Assistance +61 2 6261 3305 or SMS +61 421 269 080

Check you meet the vaccination requirements

Complete your AUS re-entry declaration

Currently you must get a PCR, or RT-PCR or NAA test within 3 days of your flight or a medically supervised rapid antigen test (RAT) within 24 hours of your flight. You must present a negative test result to check-in to your flight.

Test Exemption - children aged 4 years and younger at the time of check-in for the scheduled flight departure

Re-entry Boarder requirements come into effect on 18th April 2022

Negative pre-departure tests for travellers entering Australia no longer required

Still required to provide proof of double vaccination vs COVID-19

Still required to wear a mask on international flights per medical advice

Check both State & Territory re-entry requirements

New Zealand -

New Zealand High Commission +679 331 1422 or +64 4 439 8000 or Emergency Assistance +64 99 20 20 20

Check your vaccination requirements – Electronic or NZ Travel Certificate

Complete NZ re-entry declaration

Check you pre-arrival testing requirements


Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) that are approved by WHO are accepted. Guests will be expected to provide written proof of a negative result within one (1) day of travel from a professional testing lab, medical professional or MHMS facility to be permitted to board their flight.  Confirmation details must include the name of the RAT used.

Japan -

– RT-PCR tests are required for re-entry into Japan. Guests will be expected to provide written proof of a negative result on this form ONLY to be permitted to board their flight and enter Japan. Guests returning to Japan should be provided testing confirmation on this form.

Above entry testing requirements to return to home countries change often so your responsibility and is therefore highly recommended that you check the relevant government requirements well in advance of your flight.  

Guests should also be advised to note traffic conditions when making appointments & travel arrangements. During peak times (6:30am-8:30am & 4:30pm-6:30pm) we recommend you allow 1.5 hours while outside of these times 1 hour would be comfortable.

Should a Departure RT-PCR tests be required it MUST be taken in the Testing Hub within a 72 hrs to 96 hrs window from your departure flight. NO PCR TEST WILL BE ACCEPTED INSIDE 72 HOURS OF YOUR FLIGHT DEPARTURE. Should you require testing inside 72 hours of your flight departure, you can make your own arrangements at Nadi Hospital or the CDC Nadi or Suva.

It is your responsibility to understand your testing requirements and associated timelines. The Resort and Zens Medical are here to support but cannot be held responsible for any costs or disruptions as a consequence of failure to meet your travel requirements. The resort has provide information and links for you to check the most recent updated information and should you have any questions please do contact your countries Embassy or High Commission.

(updated progressively due to ongoing border changes at the resort)