Bee-ing Sustainable at Natadola

Discover the buzz at our bee ecosystem here at Natadola Bay. Welcome to the tropical world of Natadola's buzzing bees, perfectly nestled within our lush gardens, we have established a thriving sanctuary for honeybees as part of our Journey to Tomorrow sustainability initiatives. This project, led by our dedicated beekeeper, Simione Neirube, features over 15 beehives, each teeming with approximately 60,000 industrious bees.

Our honeybee project not only supports the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem but also enhances our commitment to generating fresh, local produce. Every three months, we harvest around 10 litres of pure, raw honey from these hives. Guests can savor this delicious, home-grown honey at our Spa InterContinental and Navo Restaurant, adding a sweet, sustainable touch to their experience.

Join us in celebrating and supporting the incredible journey of our bees with the below experiences. 


Bee Our Guest

Bee-Happy Experience

Our bee-happy experiences offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the crucial role bees play as pollinators. These hands-on, immersive sessions provide a close-up view of the hive, allowing you to witness the fascinating behavior of honey bees.

Join us to interact with and learn about honey bees and their colonies. Whether you choose a private experience with friends or a mixed group session, each visit is tailored to the participants and the bees on that day. You'll suit up in full protective gear and explore the hive inside and out with our beekeeper, gaining a bee’s-eye perspective.

During the experience, you might handle frames of bees, inspect the hive for eggs, spot the queen, and check honey and pollen stores. All your questions are welcomed. Afterward, enjoy a specially curated by Chef Indrashis honey high tea and sample some delicious honey.

Time: 2.00 PM - 3.30 PM
Every Monday at Sanasana Restaurant

Price: FJ$69 Adults FJ$49 Child
Weather dependent, max. 6 pax

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Sting-Free Honey

Indulge in the sweet taste of our home-grown honey without a 'stinging experience' at Navo Signature Restaurant and Club InterContinental Lounge during breakfast. Fresh from our beehives, this raw honey is displayed in frames, offering you a pure and delightful treat straight from the source. Enjoy the rich, natural flavors of our honey as part of your daily breakfast experience, adding a touch of our sustainable bee project to your morning meal.

Fact: Bees’ Impressive Travel Distance

The humble honeybee may seem small, but they’re mighty travellers in their own right. Did you know that to produce 300 millilitres of honey, a colony of bees needs to collectively fly approximately 55,000 miles? That’s equivalent to orbiting around the Earth twice!

Fun Fact: They visit around 2 million flowers in this process. So, when you savor a spoonful of honey, remember the incredible journey it took to get to your table.


Natadola Bay Honey Retreat

Experience the healing benefits of Natadola Bay honey with a revitalizing sugar scrub, a nourishing yoghurt honey wrap, and a rejuvenating facial. Embark on a luxurious journey that begins with a thorough cleansing, followed by the application of an organic antioxidant mask to enrich your skin. Conclude with a soothing massage designed to provide total relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you feeling refreshed and pampered from head to toe.

Fact: Bee Dancing

Communication within a honeybee colony goes beyond simple buzzes. Bees perform an intriguing series of movements, known as the ‘waggle dance,’ to share the location of a food source with their fellow bees. The direction and speed of the dance carry specific information.

Fun Fact: The dance’s direction signifies the direction of the food, while the dance’s speed indicates the distance to the food source. This little dance is a clear demonstration of the sophistication and complexity of bee language.
120 mins : FJ$419