Coral Reef Protection Project

Reef Safari’s Marine Biologist, Makalesi, conducts twice-weekly presentations for guests at Kama Lounge & Bar, held at 4 pm every Monday and Friday. This interactive session has Makalesi talking about the rich marine ecosystem at Natadola Bay, our restoration efforts and the impact of the work being done. It is an engaging and informative talk that provides education and a sense of personal connection about the ocean on the doorstep of the resort. Reef Safari also offers guided snorkelling session that offers guests an opportunity to experience this marine ecosystem first-hand. 

Our short-term strategy is to collect fragments of corals that have become detached through natural causes, sourcing these from nearby dive and snorkel sites in Natadola Bay. In 2022, Reef Safari staff collected over 200 coral fragments (many of them Acropora branching corals), and these are now settling and establishing in a series of nursery frames (depth is roughly 5-7m).

A medium-term restoration strategy will involve the selective fragmentation of specific parent corals. This process can only happen in the winter months (post-April 2023). In 2023, Reef Safari staff will construct a coral nursery with 1000 fragments across ten species.    

If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to attend one of Makalesi’s presentations at 4 pm every Monday and Friday at Kama Lounge & Bar.