Coral Reef Restoration Program

Plant a Coral at InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

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Our Mission

In 2023, InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa teamed up with Reef Safari to start its coral propagation program. The aim of this project is to rebuild the local reef structure, by placing coral fragments on metal frames around the resort’s home reef, rejuvenating the ecosystem while allowing guests to see their corals grow over time through online updates. 

Pieces of living coral often break off the reef during storms and through the force of strong waves. These pieces are likely to die eventually, or even bump into other corals and break them. Our coral frame technique offers the best solution to rescue these coral fragments and use them to rebuild the reef structure.  

This strategy has short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals are to improve the reef structure, which will see more fish life move to these areas. Recent scientific studies have shown that having more marine life results in the recruitment of more coral larvae to the area. Our long-term goal is to increase this natural influx of coral larvae. 

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How Does Coral Planting Work?

Our Coral Planting Safari starts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9am – meet at the Reef Safari Bure, located near Toba Bar & Grill. Guided by our marine biologist, you will start off by making cement balls, or ‘cookies’, followed by a boat ride to rescue coral fragments for planting. You will be taken to a dedicated site for transferring collected coral fragments and attaching them to the cement cookies, which are then placed in the water by our marine biologist. Our team posts regular updates online so you can follow the progress of your coral fragment from your home. 

Within six months of being attached to the frames, the corals start to grow new branches, and fish start returning. Within a year, they grow up to 15cm in length. Within three years, you have a small reef that will eventually grow onto the natural reef substrate. 

Reef Safari regularly maintains the frames and follows a strict monitoring program by taking photographs of all the frames every six months. This allows us to follow the coral growth and refine our propagation techniques over time. 


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What are the results so far?

The initial stage of our artificial reef project was successfully set up in early 2023. We identified two sites around the resort, representing up to 3,000 coral fragments to be planted in the next 12 months.  

To ensure the success of the program, InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa has appointed a dedicated Reef Safari marine biologist, resident at the resort, to lead weekly interactive coral-plating activities, conduct marine life educational workshops and guided snorkelling tours. 

All the coral frames are monitored every six months and photos are uploaded on this webpage.  

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Marine life talk

Join us in an engaging conversation about marine conservation with our resident marine biologist. This fun, interactive learning experience allows you to be part of a journey with our marine biologist and learn about our mission to save corals and build reefs.

4 PM FJT every Monday and Friday
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