Case Studies

Our experienced events team understands the demands of event planning and is committed to ensuring a seamless process. With our dedicated focus, we don’t just aim to make your event great: we strive to create an experience that will stay with delegates forever. Here are two case studies showing how we go the extra mile to make your event a memorable success. 



A global IT company held a five-day inaugural incentive for its Asia-Pacific sales team, with 600 guests. Organised in partnership with local destination management companies Rosie DMC and ATS Pacific, the company took sole occupancy of the entire resort for this event. 

Each area of the resort was transformed into a fun ‘In the Zone’ activity featuring local concepts for guests to experience. These zones included: 

Kama Bar 

A Savusavu chocolate demonstration, with every imaginable creation made with local cocoa beans displayed for the tasting. 

Port Cochere 

A ‘Paint It’ studio with local artists guiding and creating original masterpieces and offering the opportunity for guests to make their own piece of Fijian art. 

Meke Lawn 

An ‘Intoxicating Mojitos’ stand, featuring a local recipe that included a sugar cane garnish and local raw sugar syrup. 

The Gala night saw Fiji’s most innovative event: 

The ‘Sugar Cane dinner’ incorporating the four classical elements. Tables with earthy centre pieces were scattered in the open-air water court with 360-degree views of fire dancers, choirs and other entertainers creating an atmosphere of awe. 

The final flair: 

Chili and sugar-cane syrup shots were carved into raw sugar cane stalk trays with the company’s logo painted in flame gel and set alight. Waiters paraded the water court as the fire-fly effect took place. 

The group completed their stay with a donation of books, stationery, clothes and toys to Malomalo Primary School. 

This event not only enriched their international sales team, but also supported and helped the local community. 



The company held a three-day, 270-guest ‘Feed Your Soul’ conference and incentive event with the goal to ‘balance work and leisure to truly rejuvenate’. 

A range of afternoon activities, each designed to enrich their bodies and minds, included: 

  • Massages on the beach
  • Yoga
  • Learn to dive sessions
  • Snorkel safaris
  • Coral planting
  • Visits to Malomalo Primary School and Sanasana village
  • Kokoda masterclasses
  • Golf clinics

The most popular activity was coral planting. This appealed to the guests as a unique way to rehabilitate the coral reef, the sustainable livelihood of the local community. Dive operator Reef Safari and the hotel created this program to not only look after our reef but to create awareness of reef health. 

The second-most popular activity was the Kokoda masterclass. Conceptualised as a cooking reality TV segment, delegates were keen to try their hand at recreating kokoda, an iconic Fijian dish like ceviche. Stations were set up to chop, marinate, garnish and taste the national delicacy using only the best ingredients sourced from nearby Sigatoka farms.