Dive & Water Sports In Fiji

The diving in and around Natadola is spectacular and diverse. With no fewer than 15 dive sites located all within a 5-minute boat-ride, we’re a little spoiled for choice. Vast coral plateaus right the way through to sheer walls means that we have something to cater for everyone. The conditions are usually not far from ideal. Warm, clear waters make for very easy diving. You’ll soon see how Fiji earned its reputation for being the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’.


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Read brief descriptions of a few of our sites below, as well as information on our two dedicated water activity operators, Reef Safari and Hydro Sports.

AQUARIUM 10 mins from resort

As the name suggests; dropping down the mooring line to the bottom of a tapered wall at 18m (60ft) is truly like diving in an aquarium. Waterfalls of fusiliers cascade down the slopes while they’re scattered by predatory trevally. A brilliant site to drift along with the many green and hawksbill turtles cruising gently by in the current.

LUCY’S POINT 8 mins from resort

Rising from the deep this pinnacle attracts a multitude of fish. Here you can check out the white and blacktip reef sharks that dart along the reef. A short, easy swim across to the main reef to shallow up towards the end offers prolific hard coral growth. In the shallow waters, the reef is pierced by crevasses and gullies that you can pop in and out of to find what exciting creatures may be hiding.

BASE JUMP 6 mins from resort

An action-adventurers dream. Feel as though you’re ‘free-falling’ as you sink beneath the waves next to one of the sheerest sections of the reef you’ve ever seen. The topography is just spectacular with impressive overhangs and even a little cave to check out. Spiralling out from the wall are long whip corals (a great place to look for wire coral gobies) and sea fans. Around and amongst the coral, there is an array of reef fish such as golden and purple anthias, zebra angelfish, clown triggerfish, oriental sweetlips, unicornfish, bannerfish and an incredible variety of butterflyfish.

THE FLINTSTONES 5 mins from resort

The shallows of this reef offer large schools of snappers hanging out in the mild current. A large, resident Humphead Maori wrasse usually swings by to put in an appearance and the occasional eagle ray swoops down. On the wall here there are proliferations of brightly coloured small soft corals, yellow sponges and pinkish-white lace corals. For those that prefer the smaller stuff, this site offers lots of little hidden delights. From the brightly coloured nudibranchs scattered on the wall to wire coral gobies and shrimps clinging on to the soft corals.

LION’S DEN 3 mins from resort

A shallower dive (maximum depth of around 12m/40ft) offers a sprawling sandy bottom with large coral bommies rising straight to the surface. A great dive to weave around the bommies and check out the incredible blanket of leather corals coating the reefs. A large population of Lion Fish have made this site their home and so it’s always fun to find out their best hiding spots.

THE LABYRINTH 4 mins from resort

A great fun shallower dive offers a network of caverns, tunnels and caves. Spend the majority of the dive weaving in and out of this incredible reef formation and check out the beautiful schools of glassy sweepers that make these dark, hidden areas their home. Swim through the pools of light piercing through the cracks which produce swaying, shimmering beams.

For the adventurer in you.

Hydro Sports

If you are keen for an adventure over the water, join our Hydro Sports team for your gateway to thrill and excitement for your watersports action.

Hydro Sports offers Fly Boarding daily and Parasailing on select days. Perfect for beginners and advance skilled adventurers, why not give it a try on your holiday?

Reef Safari

Reef Safari at InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa have a purpose-built and dedicated dive training pool and qualified Dive Professionals on hand to guide you in the right direction in Fiji’s spectacular water sports environment.

You may take an introductory dive session for beginners, undertake your international scuba diving course, or for more experienced divers we have a great range of sites right on our doorstep.

We are delighted to offer 1 hour of complimentary non-motorised water sports per person per day to enhance your Natadola experience. You can now snorkel within our pristine bay, take out a paddleboard for an early morning work out and even catch the afternoon surf to add to your list of complimentary Natadola experiences.

Reef Safari also provides:

  • Glass Bottom Boat Safaris
  • Snorkel Safaris
  • Wakeboarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Tube riding
  • Kayaking
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Sportfishing
  • Surfing and Surf Lessons